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About Us

Go Two Bag is an Albuquerque, New Mexico-based company that creates quality, leash attached receptacles for plastic pet poop bags. Our mission is to provide active pet owners with a convenient and sanitary way to clean up after their dog without being stuck holding the bag.

Cleaning Up Life and the Paths That Inspire It

Our Founder's Story

Ideas can sprout from the oddest of places and sometimes when we’re least likely to believe it’s possible, inspiration finds us.


The history of the Go Two Bag is one of those stories.


It was Spring in Albuquerque, New Mexico and I was spending a lot of time walking my pups along the beautiful paths of the city’s public parks. My dogs needed the exercise and I needed time to think about the future. Life, at that moment, had turned upside down and, like many people, I had to decide what life after a divorce would look like. Those peaceful walks offered the perfect opportunity to figure it all out.


Except they didn’t.


Although the walkways offered such serene beauty, there was a noticeable absence of trash receptacles along the paths and on the longer walks, I found my hands adorned with little pink plastic pooper scooper bags.


And I wasn’t alone.


It appeared many people had given up on the idea of finding a trash can and instead opted to leave their pet’s business behind. As the weeks passed, I discovered my peaceful walks were becoming an operation in avoiding dozens of pet land minds.


I had lots on my mind, so my first step was to simply resolve my own pet poop problem. I started wearing a fanny pack to carry all those little pink bags. It freed up my hands, but walking with a poop receptacle around my waist was a less than pleasant experience. And it didn’t change the fact that my walks felt more like an obstacle course. It’s hard to think deep thoughts when you’re trying to avoid stepping in all those unpleasant little piles.


I knew the problem’s source. There simply weren’t enough trash cans. Despite that, I was still making the effort to clean up after my dogs, and I didn't understand why other dog owners felt it was ok to leave those little piles behind. I wondered about the outcry if cat owners began to empty litter boxes on our shared paths. Perhaps it was that, at the time, my life felt a little messy, like those paths, and there seemed land minds all about. Or maybe I worried that the mess would escalate to a point where dogs were prohibited from the parks and I would lose my little sanctuary. Regardless, I decided this might be a problem I could help resolve.


At first, I began my own campaign to get more trash cans in the parks and along the walkways, and I even appeared on the local television station to put a little pressure on the city.


And that’s when the idea came to me. The solution wasn’t to rely on someone else. Like I was discovering in my own life, the answer lay in fixing the problem myself.


I thought about the Fannie pack and its shortcoming for the job at hand. I realized I needed to solve two problems.


The first was to create a sort of temporary receptacle like the fanny pack, but the second and more important was to create something that didn’t require the pet owner to hold or wear their pet’s poop.


After months of designing, trying different materials, and working on the mechanics, I arrived at the Go Two Bag. A simple and clean solution when there is not a trashcan in sight. The Go Two Bag has made a wonderful difference for many pet owners and the parks and places they visit with their dogs. And in creating it, it taught me something about life and about myself - most problems are solved not by looking to others for what they can do, but by finding the solutions that we can offer.


I hope you find the Go Two Bag a convenient and affordable way to make your pet outings easier and to help all of us keep our parks clean and beautiful.

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