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Go Two Bag

A Place For Your Pet's Waste!
Patent No. 10,596,443
Two dogs happy and dancing

The Clean, Convenient, and Courteous Way to Pick up After Your Pet

Taking your dogs for a walk or out to play is great and cleaning up after them is a matter of both courtesy and sanitation. What is not so great is being stuck holding that waste bag until you find a trash receptacle or return home. Let’s face it, just because we love our pets, doesn’t mean we want to tie up our hands being a human pooper scooper.

When your dog does his business, don’t be left holding the bag

The Go Two Bag solves that dog poop storage problem by providing a sanitary and convenient way to store your pet’s business until you can locate a trash can or receptacle. So, forget walking around with those plastic poop bags in your hand. The Go Two Bag easily attaches to your pet’s standard or retractable leash, keeping your hands free and clean.

Beauty Meets Discretion

The Go Two Bag isn’t just convenient. These hand-crafted pouches are beautifully designed, durable, and made right here in America. Plus, they come in a variety of colors to accent your leash or your dog’s other accessories. And the Go Two Bag is machine washable so you can enjoy years of sanitary use.

Fashion Meets Quality and Durability

Red and Blue GoTwo Bags

The beautifully designed Go Two Bag is constructed from durable, machine-washable sports nylon for years of use. The adjustable attachment straps are constructed of high-quality nylon webbing and we use easy-snap grommets to secure the leash and pocket enclosures.



Sized and Priced Right

Go Two Bags come in two options (standard or retractable leash), two sizes, and each has a five inch opening for easy use.


Medium: 8" X 6" ($12.00*)​

Small: 7" X 6" ($14.00*)

*Plus our low shipping rate of $1.99 in the 48 contiguous U.S. states.

pink and green gotwo bags
Pick Your Color

Go Two Bags are offered in four color choices from bold classics to bright neons.

light blue and orange gotwo bags
  • Bright Blue

  • Gray

  • Red

  • Yellow

Easy to Attach
How It Works

The Go Two Bag is easy to use and attach. It's adjustable so it can be used with any size or type leash including retractable leashes.

Standard Leash

Step 1: Feed your leash's attachment end through the two side loops.


Step 2: Feed the Go Two Bag upper attachment through your leash's hand loop.


Step 3: Secure the upper loop with the easy-snap attachment.


And now you're ready to go on a walk! 


Retractable Leash


Step 1: Retractable Leash attachment works the same as the Standard. Feed your leash's attachment end through the two side loops.

Step 2: Secure the upper loop with the easy-snap attachment to the body of your retractable leash unit.


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